Oil Change Service

Keep your engine running like new. A timely oil change is the most cost-effective way to maintain your vehicle’s reliability and performance. With regular oil changes, the car engine can last longer and maintain your vehicle’s fuel economy. During our maintenance, we help catch and fix minor issues before they turn into costly repairs later. 

Battery Service

Whether your car battery requires charging or a replacement, we can help you with all battery related repair services. We provide only highperformance long life car batteries from premium brands suitable with your car make and model. 

Car Body Paint

Our vehicle paint specialists provide the finest automobile paint and clear coat care in UAE. Our high-tech equipment and expert technicians make sure that your vehicle paint is expertly applied and perfectly matched. If you need small cosmetic work or a full body paint job, AMF Auto Garage can take care of your vehicle and […]

AC Repair Service

AC Repair Service Nothing matters more than AC in the car in UAE summers and so, you can rightly imagine the load on these systems. We know how important it is to keep these life savers running and in good condition for a comfortable ride. We perform heating and cooling system diagnostics, as well as […]

Brake Service & Repair

What is Brake Service All About? Over time, worn brakes can cause additional problems like bad rotors. Both brake pads and rotors can deteriorate over the course and lifespan of the vehicle, so it’s important you replace both as needed. give us a visit or call to have a quick inspection on your car’s braking […]

Engine Repair OR Re-Built

Engine being the heart of your car requires constant care and we perform duly inspection during every car service to make sure the car engine is adequately maintained and always in proper condition while you are on the road. In the event of complete damage, we can provide you with the most suitable options and […]